North Carolina nursing home found guilty of medical negligence

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Poor care in a nursing home led to the death of three residents. Their families held the facility responsible in court, and won.

A nursing home in North Carolina was accused of providing a negligent level of care that resulted in the deaths of three residents. The estates of these residents moved forward with a lawsuit against the facility in an effort to hold it accountable for its negligence and help ensure the same mistakes were not made in the future.

What happened to the residents of this nursing home?

This case involves three individuals who were residents of a nursing home that was accused of providing a negligent level of care that resulted in their deaths.

One of the individuals was alert and responsive when admitted. He was admitted at 5:15 in the evening. At 2:20 a.m., less then twelve hours after getting admitted to the facility, he was found unresponsive. His vent for the ventilator was removed and the low pressure alarm was turned off. He was transferred to a hospital and later died as a result of injuries suffered from this incident.

Another resident suffered a number of injuries at the facility, including those related to the use of her ventilator and tracheostomy. She was found dead in her room, holding her tracheotomy tube in her hand. The third individual also had injuries connected to the use of a ventilator and tracheostomy, and ultimately died due to injuries including infections.

All three of these residents were admitted to the facility because it provided care that included ventilators. All three of these patients required ventilators or tracheostomies and all three died due to injuries related to poor care of these devices.

Ultimately, the jury held that the care provided at this facility was "grossly negligent, intentional or in reckless disregard of the rights" of these patients and that this poor level of care resulted in the deaths of these residents.

Nursing home personal injury cases in North Carolina: What legal remedies are available?

This case provides an example of the legal remedies that can result from these cases. Although no remedy can bring back a loved one, monetary awards are available to both hold the guilty party accountable for their negligent actions and help cover the costs that result from the poor care. In this case, the estates of the deceased where granted monetary awards ranging from $50,000 to $300,000 as well as punitive awards of $1.5 million each.

A punitive award is one that is granted strictly as a form of monetary punishment against the defendant.

What can those who have loved ones in nursing homes in North Carolina learn from this case?

This case provides an example of the negligence that can occur in these facilities and a method to hold those responsible legally accountable for their actions. If you believe your loved one is getting or received a negligent level of care that contributed to his or her injuries or death, you have options. Contact an experienced attorney to discuss the best course of action to better ensure your legal remedies are protected.